Cork is a renewable resource, extracted from cork oaks every 9 years without any harm to the trees. Cork oaks (quercus suber) live, mostly, in Western Mediterranean area, where they can reach heights of 25m and last until they are 300 years old. Portugal has 735,000 ha. cork oak forests (33% of the world’s total), capturing 5 million tons of CO2 every year. Therefore, using cork for construction also means preserving an ecosystem that is unique in the World.


• corkboard – Panels acoustic and thermal insulation & concrete Casting
• cork rolls – Rolls for walls and slabs
• cork - broken granules to produce lightweight concrete
• ETIC - wall system as per QCS requirements

Advantages & Benefits

• Better in price with other products
• Better solution than using the polystyrene products
• Green Building Product Made of natural materials, approved by LEED
• Resistant to fire class E, Fire rated insulation Fire Rated Insulation Boards
• Best in Thermal Conductivity and sound insulation
• Erection can be done easily with any skilled labors.
• Do not require any maintenance for 20 years, life time is minimum 100 years

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