• Sourcing its materials from controlled forests and giving a long lifespan to its products with the excellent service provided will make you feeling in the nature in your surroundings.
  • Novawood offers FSC , TMT and TSE Certified Products to add value to your homes/projects.

What is Thermwood?

  • Thermowood is a thermal modification procedure that preserves wood in its most natural and flawless state for a life-long journey.
  • Thermowood method” involves heating wood material to temperatures of up to 212⁰C and preserving it with steam.
  • Besides the preservation, Thermowood process also causes certain structural changes in wood.
  • The color of the Thermowood changes due to caramelization of glucose inside the wood, while its dimensional stability, decay resistance and durability increase.
  • Bending and swelling characteristics of the material are also greatly decreased up to 90%.
  • Thermowood method, brand and logo can only by the used by members of the International Thermowood Association.

Advantages & Benefits

  • 100% natural.The wood is free from resin and chemicals. No chemicals are used during the production process.
  • Ecological.Thermowood products contain no environmental or health hazards. All Products are manufactured from renewable forests, are environmentally friendly, and recyclable.
  • Durable.Thanks to its low water absorption, Thermowood maintains its durability in all weather conditions. Low moisture content prevents decay and fungi growth.
  • Stable.Thermowood’s bending and twisting characteristics are reduced by %90, compared to ordinary wood.
  • Uniform Color.Heat treatment turns the wood into an uniform color. Compared to regular wood, Thermowood also keeps its varnish and paint better.
  • Insulating.Thermowood provides 25% more heat and sound insulation compared to regular wood.
  • Safe.Thermowood is 30% more fire resistant than regular wood.
  • Insect-proof.Thermowood is completely protected from insects due to its low moisture content.

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